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    Through the Bifocal

    ‘When God blessed humans, He bestowed five gifts.’

    ‘As mankind evolved, he crafted out and mastered five distinct abilities.’

    No matter which way you interpret, it points in the same direction… The ever-incredible human senses!

    Amongst all the five traditional senses that a healthy individual is blessed with, whether we agree or disagree to it, deep down we all know, our personal favorite would be ‘vision’. The ability to see something exceeds all other senses individually, for the world, our picturesque world is a visual spectacle, and its vibrant colors are enough to blow our minds. Although it goes without saying that ‘a single sense’ is mostly incomplete without the other. And sometimes, life even demands a 5-street intersection where one needs to see, smell, hear, touch and speak to make it a complete experience.

    Nevertheless, getting back to the gift of vision, the question I’d like to throw is –

    How many of us see, but fail to observe?

    News flash! At some point in life, we all have.

    So, when I affix the title as ‘Through the Bifocal’, I’m not referring to the vision deprived or more accurately speaking vision depleted individuals who need lenses to put their inbuilt cameras back on track, but rather the reference is for our acquired and sometimes inherent inability to see the simple truth hiding in plain sight.

    These shortcomings can arise in two ways. One, when one can see our immediate future quite clearly, but fail to plan long term. Second, when it goes the other way round i.e. one has a good vision for the long term but fails to tackle day to day obstacles. And then there are days, situations or perhaps phases of our lives when this deficiency swings both ways simultaneously.

    So, speaking in medical terminologies, to curb these instances of ‘myopia’ and ‘hypermetropia’, we need glasses. A pair of lenses. A set of bifocals. A dire need to grab the ‘spectacle of clarity’ and place it over the ‘face of reality’ so that our interpretation is good, choosing is better and action is for the best.

    In these blogs, titled ‘Through the Bifocal’, what I intend to do is open up our pasts, discuss the present and perhaps shed some light into the future.

    [Ps. Being a dentist, I feel obliged to start with something which I feel many if not most doctors can relate with and say, ‘Been there, experienced it.’ So the first set of blogs would be a series. And it goes by the title –

    The Diary of a ‘Doctor Banega’ Kid.]

    Coming soon…

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