Romance, Adventure, Drama, Satire, Self-Discovery, Mystery, Fantasy, Travel


Meet Tom Peter, a fresh from the oven dentist, who discovers one day that the world he knew has become an abandoned territory. In a world devoid of people, the only thing that keeps him going is the undying desire to find a way back to his lady love, Jerry Menon.

His perseverance paves the way as he embarks on a remarkable journey lasting days… weeks… months, only because he believes that he can bury his skeletons behind and change the writing on the wall. In his relentless pursuit spanning over thousands of kilometres and beyond, he meets people from different walks of life who surprisingly help him in his quest. However, the questions that daunt him at every turn have something in common to every question that had pulled him adrift in the first place…

How far would you go to discover yourself?

How far would you go to escape the clutches of the uninvited?

How far would you go to unite with your destiny?

Eventually, he finds himself racing against time whilst casting away the clouds of uncertainty, for he doesn’t know for sure, yet strongly believes that he can break the shackles of fate and script his own destiny.


At the backdrop of a dental college comes a love story that asks one simple question: If doctors are capable of being more than just book worms, then why do you think you haven’t heard of their love stories a bit more?



First Book of the HASH Trilogy