Dewdrops of Insight

Step in my shoes, you will see,
What it feels like to be free,
A view of the world that you admire,
Right before your bare eyes, it’s true essence will transpire.
For all the treasure that I have been told,
For all the things you define as gold,
For every credential on which you define a person beautiful and bold,
Trust me when I say, seldom to these a candle I hold.
You rely too much on your own creation,
You spend a bulk of your time on self-admiration,
You hail a false personification to the word merit,
For you think, these are the things you simply inherit.

You have traveled the globe over in the search of the divine,

But failed to comprehend the simple truth that it lies within your own mind,

So hustle up and pledge your full attention rather being a prick,

Because the foundation to this is laid brick by brick.

Now leave the mirror behind and take a good look within,

For weathered deep down and sleeping, I have ever been,

Give a slap or two; if needed more,

I am the one thing you truly seek and adore.

A few spoons of goodness it takes,

A few ounces of righteousness it flakes,

On adding a pinch of honesty you will make,

The subtle recipe of character thou shall bake.

Cause I am brighter and more radiant than the brightest sunshine,

And unlike my external counterpart, I only get better with age like a bottled wine,

So add some of me to your every breath,

For I can assure you, down this lane thou shall not regret.

For when you make thy sketch; a self-portrait,

The externals will fade away but I will never betray,

So do me a favor and decorate yourself with one of my every flavor,

For I am your inner beauty; the only form you need to savor.