Beguiling Little Deaths

Beguiling Little Deaths

Amidst the crippling scion of darkness

One longs to glimpse traces of light,

The happiness which was mine

Stood long denied.

One fails to ascertain the love within;

For hate in our blood boils unceasing,

For when the mind tethers on in frustration,

One fails to see through the disguise of the blessing.

This dreadful feeling turns into a benefactor,

It gives birth to love and hope,

Our disgust from the past is a fire that ignites,

The flame is the candle which reflects a blaze that would never die.

It transpires through and illuminates the darkest corners,

Involuntary perhaps

But the mind finds a way to ponder,

It lays down a road map, and our astray soul just follows.


Malevolent at times, yet marvelous,

These small deaths we confront drive us a long way,

Die several times to rise again,

It’s this renewal that cleanses.

Unheard, the soul beckons and craves,

Alas! Those poor souls around us

Are vary of this sweet death,

This metaphor of life, giving meaning to self.


It’s an act of duty,

To study one’s cerebral maze,

Several deaths later,

Thou will find thyself startled and amazed,

Above any division or conflict,

What else can one dream of?

When oneness is the one missing,

Farming it all out is the need to be resolved.


Illustrious is the impulse,

So die several deaths to your heart’s content,

Let go off that last breath before rebirth,

Let the mind be modulated and mend.

Re-direct that element of ecdysis,

The catastrophic effect of death is real,

For that which cannot be achieved,

Is left for the scavengers to feed.


Thou will fall, thou will pave the way,

If to be like a phoenix is the desire,

One needs to die first, to be awakened again.

Life gives but it demands,

To gain, one needs to be burnt to a crisp first.

So die often, I shall die many deaths,

Producing a creation within,

Contradicting my previous self.

-Geon Pauly & Viji Aneeb